UpdatedTuesday March 9, 2021 byChristina Torres.

Rules and Policies for 10U Division


  • Home team will be decided by WSGS schedule
  • Home team shall have 3rd base dugout
  • Home team provides game ball
  • Home team provides umpire
    • League players who are 2 years older than the division may assist as an umpire
  • During a double header, each team will be Home team for one game

Game Rules

  • No new inning shall start after 1 hour and 20 minutes;
  • Minimum number of players for 10U teams is 8
    • 10 min grace period from the start of the game
    • Late players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order
    • If a team is short of players, the game can be played but a forfeit is recorded for the short team
  • Teams have 3 minutes to change sides
    • Penalty for a late defensive turnover as a ball to the batter
    • Penalty for a late offensive turnover is a strike to the batter

Equipment Rules

  • Base runners will wear helmets with face guards while running the bases
  • Batters will wear batting helmets with face guards and chin straps
  • Softball size is 11”
  • Face masks are required for pitchers

Game Play Rules

  • No walks
  • Player pitches until 3 balls are thrown, strikes batter out or ball put in play
  • Coach comes in and has 4 pitches maximum
    • If coach pitches 4 balls (ie not strikes) batter is still out
    • Foul balls continue at bat (no out on foul balls)
  • Pitching: Coaches and player pitchers must pitch within the circle 35 feet from home plate
    • There are no walks
    • Batter hit by a player pitch has option to take first base; hit is defined direct hit (must hit out of the air); must attempt to get out of the way; batters hit by rolling or bounced pitches do not get first base
    • Coach pitches do not apply to the Hit By Pitch Rule
  • Coach pitch: 4 player pitches and then 4 coach pitches
    • If batter has not put the ball in play after 4 pitches from the player pitcher, coach takes the mound
    • Coach can stay on the field when not pitching (stand behind pitcher)
  • Batting order: The entire roster is batted
    • If player arrives before the end of the first inning, her name will be placed at the bottom of the batting order, and she will bat in that position for the remainder of the game
    • If a player arrives after the end of the first inning she may not play
  • Baserunning rules:
    • Bunting is allowed
    • No stealing 
    • Runner may leave base upon pitcher release
    • Runner has responsibility to slide into home or avoid the catcher at home
  • 5-Run scoring rule: Teams will switch from offense to defense after 5 runs are scored, regardless of the number of outs recorded by the defense
    • If a team has a 12-run lead after 5 innings the game is over
    • This rule is waived in the inning determined by the umpire to be the last inning
  • Courtesy runner rule:
    • Allowed for the catcher position
    • Allowed for an injured player
    • Must be the last player who registered an out
  • Out of play rule: When a ball is thrown out of play (past the first base fence line or third base fence line) the runner(s) automatically get the base they are running to and one additional base (1 Plus 1)
  • Overthrow rule: A runner can advance one base at their own risk on any overthrow that is in play
    • Only 1 extra base is allowed per play per runner regardless of the number of overthrows
  • Infield ground ball rule: Batters must run through first base on grounder balls fielded by the opposing team’s infielders

Administrative Policies

  • Standings and scoring: The league will keep team standings throughout the season and will use records to seed the End-of-Season Tournament.
    • Winning coaches must enter the score into SI Play
  • Ejections and complaints: If a coach or player is ejected from a game, that person will be suspended from the league for a period of two games
    • If a second ejection occurs at any time in that person's tenure with the league, said person may be banned from participating in all WSGS events and functions
    • Any complaints levied by parents, players, or coaches regarding the behavior of any other parent, player or coach will be seriously considered by the WSGS Rules Committee and appropriate action will be taken
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior:
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as any speech, action or deed that does not foster a constructive resolution to a situation and/or exhibits disrespect toward participants
    • All participants (managers, coaches, players, parents/guardians, and spectators) are urged to positively support all participants. We all need to maintain and encourage a friendly, supportive, and positive attitude at all times
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct by any individual will not be tolerated. No one shall harass any manager, coach, player, or umpire. The coaches and umpires are volunteers
    • No smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, or profanity is allowed on the field
    • Coaches are expected to take proactive steps when unsportsmanlike behavior occurs