UpdatedTuesday March 9, 2021 byChristina Torres.

Rules and Policies for 8U Division


  • Home team will be decided by WSGS schedule
  • Home team shall have 3rd base dugout
  • Home team provides new game ball
  • During a double header, each team will be Home team for one game

Game Rules

  • 8U coaches are allowed on the field when their team is on defense
  • No new inning shall start after 1 hour and 20 minutes; game is over after 1 hour and 30 min
  • Minimum number of players for 8U teams is 5
  • No maximum number of players for 8U teams

Game Play Rules

  • Five Run Scoring Rule: Teams will switch from offense to defense after 5 runs are scored or 3 outs are registered - whichever comes first.
  • Courtesy Runner Rule: A courtesy runner is allowed for the catcher position and must be the player who registered the last out.
  • Overthrow Rule: No running on overthrows and no extra bases
  • Baserunning rules: No stealing bases, bunting or walks
  • Pitching: Coaches pitch to their team a total of 5 pitches
    • If the batter does not hit a pitched ball after 5 pitches, the Batting Tee is used
    • Foul tips or foul balls do not count in the pitch count

Equipment Rules

  • Base runners will wear helmets with face guards while running the bases
  • Batters will wear batting helmets with face guards and chin straps
  • Softball size is 11”

Administrative Policies

  • Standings and scoring: Team standings and game scores are not officially kept in the 8U division
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior:
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as any speech, action or deed that does not foster a constructive resolution to a situation and/or exhibits disrespect toward participants
    • All participants (managers, coaches, players, parents/guardians, and spectators) are urged to positively support all participants. We all need to maintain and encourage a friendly, supportive, and positive attitude at all times
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct by any individual will not be tolerated. No one shall harass any manager, coach, player, or umpire. The coaches and umpires are volunteers
    • No smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, or profanity is allowed on the field
    • Coaches are expected to take proactive steps when unsportsmanlike behavior occurs